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Welcome to
Northern Forge - for all your historical educational, interpretation, and combat related needs!

Here at Northern Forge you will find information on educational Schools Outreach sessions and Virtual Outreach sessions hosted through SKYPE.

Northern Forge provides quality Combat-Ready Weaponry for re-enactment, and stage combat for theatre and film.

Northern Forge also organises and runs combat workshops on "true" fight techniques, as well as introductory courses on stage combat, so be sure to check back regularly for courses being run around the north. Why not add yourself to our mailing list, or keep up to date with us by using our Twitter and Facebook buttons below?  This will tell you as and when courses are announced; not to mention special offers and discount codes on weaponry.

If you have any enquiries or questions then please do drop us a line at info.northernforge@gmail.com
We'd love to hear from you.

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  • Housesteads, Hadrian's Wall

  • Jorvik Viking Festival 2014

  • Conisborough Castle

  • Snowball Plantation

  • Conisborough Castle Knights 2014

  • Certificate of Excellence 2016