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 Photo courtesy of Mr. Fancourt of St. Lawrence's Primary, Jersey, 2017

“A high-quality history education...should inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past.”

- accessed 6/10/13


Why not invite our Roman Legionary Atticus/Auxiliary Ariovistus, Anglo-Saxon Manni the Huscarlor Viking Trader Sigwulf and their friends into your school to run workshops which enthuse and excite the pupils’ imaginations, getting them involved, and making learning a lot more fun? Pupils will get the chance to see and hold historical objects which can act as a memorable focus for discussions. Questions from the pupils are encouraged throughout the day, so that they learn what they want to learn and constantly feel a part of the day’s activities. 

Coming from six years of education work in one of Britain’s top museums, and over a decade of theatre practice, Northern Forge delivers the very best learning experience out there for your school. We understand that it can be difficult for children to engage with textbook-style learning, and seek to inspire them with an entirely different experience.
Take the stress out of an educational museum visit, and give us a try. We promise you will not be disappointed.

See the table below for an overview of the main sections of the KS1/2 curriculum our Outreach Programme addresses.


Curriculum Criteria/Aims


Understanding historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance.


Understanding the connections between local, regional, national and international history; between cultural, economic, military, political, religious and social history.


Handling historical objects and understanding how they were used.


Using the above to make connections, draw contrasts, and frame historically-valid questions.



Speaking and listening: asking questions, listening and using Drama.


Reading: looking at how Viking poetry and Kennings are written.



Using and applying mathematics in a practical way.


Understanding chronology.


Design & Technology

Examining the manufacture of objects such as combs, how the materials affect what it is used for, and comparing those objects to modern ones.



Collecting evidence and making comparisons.



Developing an understanding of how ICT is used to present ideas; investigating and comparing its use inside and outside school.




With our Half Day option, you can have our Viking Sigwulf, Anglo-Saxon Manni, or Roman Legionary Atticus/Auxiliary Ariovistus drop in for the morning (or afternoon) and introduce you to the world they live in.

Once we’ve introduced ourselves to the class – covering who we are, what we do, and where we come from - we like to give an overall coverage of the period, using a variety of replica objects to illustrate different aspects of everyday life. This is in part because of how closely linked many of the topics are.

Such topics include Hearth & Home, Food & Drink, and Fashion; Travel & Trade/Ships & Seafaring, Religion & the Gods, and Weddings. See here for a more detailed outline.
N.B. Half days do not include Battle Drill. 

(Academic Year 2016-17)
Half Days consist of one Historical Visitor (Viking, Anglo-Saxon, or Roman) visiting one class for 2 hours.
Prices start from £140 for one session, or £220 should you choose to book two back-to-back sessions (i.e. have us meet one class in the morning and another in the afternoon.) saving your school £60.

Anglo-Saxon/Viking School Visit


Our Full Day Outreach sessions offer twice as much historical fun!
With the option to bring in some friends to help, we can cater for more children at a time (see table below).

Like the Half Day, we start with an introduction to your guests, before moving on to handling a broad range of historical objects from their everyday lives. The afternoon session sees us focusing on topics of your choice through two, hour-long, workshops which cover some of the bigger topics and get the kids doing as well as thinking. These include Anglo-Saxon and Viking Epics & Sagas, Games & Pastimes, and the ever-popular Weapons & Warfare! (These are outlined here).

Whilst Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking Days follow the same format and many topics are applicable to all, please note that, at this time, some workshops by their nature might only be available for one historical period.

Sample Outreach Day

Time (approx.)



9:15 - 10.00


Your Visitors sign in, set up and change into costume.

10:00 - 10:50


This time is spent introducing your historical Visitors and the world they live in; who they are, where they come from, what they do and what they wear.

10:50 - 11:10




Object Handling

A range of topics are touched on here with replica artefacts pertaining to Travel & Trade, Food & Drink &c. to act as focus points.

12:00 - 1:00



1:00 - 1:50

Option 1



For the afternoon sessions, you can choose which topics we focus on. Choose two from:

·Weapons & Warfare

·Sagas (Viking only)

·Iron Age Britons/"Celts" (Roman only)

·Games & Pastimes*

1:50 - 2:00


2:00 - 2:40

Option 2

2:40 - 2:50


We find it useful to round up the day with a Question and Answer session to tie up loose ends, with a recap of the key facts the children have learned.

2:50 - 3:00

Pack up/Depart


  *Please see below for a more detailed outline of each topic.

Please note that timings are approximate: we can arrange our talks around your timetable if required.

For a full day outreach session with one of our historical characters, it costs £220 for 30 children (approx. one class), and the session will last from 10am to 3pm. Any extra children above the 30 mark will be charged at £3.50 per head.
If you want a further Roman/Anglo-Saxon/Viking visitor the charge is a flat rate of £80 per Visitor (recommended for larger groups).

One Class - £220

Two Classes - £300

Three Classes - £380

91+ children?

A full day with one class (up to 30 children).

Extra pupils over the initial 30 will be charged at £3.50 per head. 

A full day with two classes (up to 60 children).

Extra pupils over the initial 30 per class will be charged at £3.50 per head. 

A full day with three classes (up to 90 children).

Extra pupils over the initial 30 per class will be charged at £3.50 per head. 

More than three classes? Please contact us for prices and/or to discuss options such as multiple days &c.

Inc. 1 x Character

Inc. 2 x Characters

Inc. 3 x Characters

4 x Characters*

Optional Extra Characters +£80 each.*

  *Subject to availability.
Also if you are based outside of Yorkshire in the neighbouring counties, please get in touch first for fees and travel expense rates; if you are from even further afield we will still consider travelling to your school, or perhaps you would be interested in our online outreach sessions (see below).

Give us a call or email! Please have the following details on hand:
-    Name of the school, and a contact number
-    Number of children
-    Age of children/ year of class
-    Preference of topics for afternoon slots
-    Whether you are likely to have access to a school hall or if you would prefer separate classrooms.
We can then give you a detailed price quote, and work out how best to organise your day.
Upon booking, these and other details will be verified by means of a confirmation form we will ask you to fill out and return to us ahead of the visit.

For workshop details see here and for prices in general please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone - all work is considered, and we’d love to hear from you.

Northern Forge is CRB checked and fully insured for outreach work in schools and similar venues with minors.

For general information email us at or give us a call on 07716 141 787
(Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 20:00)


Outreach Visits a little too steep or just too far away?
Why not contact Northern Forge about our online SKYPE outreach sessions; wherever you are in the world you can have Sigwulf, Manni, or Atticus, beamed straight into your classroom via webcam. Your guest will explain all about himself and his world from the days of yore, with lots of artefacts for your class to see and talk about. Great as an introduction to the period, or to reinforce what you’ve already covered in class.
Questions are actively encouraged for these sessions. You can prepare these beforehand if you wish (ready for the 20 minutes of Q&A at the end of the session, though this section can be extended if you'd like longer), or just go with the flow.

Sessions cost £50 and last 60 minutes.
Give us a call on 07716 141787 to arrange a date and time convenient for you.
Prior to your Virtual Outreach session, we will require a test call to check that everything will run smoothly on the day: this will be arranged upon booking, and does not require class participation.
Northern Forge currently offers this service using Skype only; Skype therefore needs to be installed on your classroom computer with a webcam and an active account set up in advance.

Skype can be downloaded for FREE here

For more information email us at or give us a call on 07716 141 787

Follow us on Twitter 
@NorthernForge and watch out for promotions and special offers!


“The Viking Workshop with Year 3 at St Mary’s School was nothing short of inspirational. Our Viking visitors were skilled presenters and had the children in the palms of their hands from start to finish. The afternoon was varied, and interactive, with absolutely amazing resources. A highlight of the afternoon was the dramatic enactment of the story of Thor and his stolen hammer, which allowed some of our less confident learners to flourish and be extremely successful – which is always so exciting see. This was a superb experience for our children, I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Maria Stegenwalner
St. Mary's Primary, Jersey, 2017

“[Northern Forge's] Viking experience was the perfect hook to begin our Viking topic. The workshop was well run and the children didn't want it to end. The actors were great with the children and really brought the stories alive through their interesting questions and all the exciting objects they had to share. I would definitely recommend it to other schools.‚Äč”

Tom Oxenham
St. Luke's School, Jersey, 2017

“On behalf of St.Lawrence school a massive thank for you talk you gave, the children absolutely loved it! We look forward to doing a Skype with you in the near future.”

Chris Fancourt
St. Lawrence Primary, Jersey, 2017

“Neil and Stuart gave our children a wonderful taste of what life was like for the Romans and Celts. The costumes worn were extremely authentic and all the resources brought along were excellent - the weapons shown were extremely popular! The knowledge shared was mind blowing and the children really enjoyed testing you both with their questions. The Catapult making was a great part of the day. Battle Drill with Stuart was very well liked by the children, especially making the Testudo with the shields they had made beforehand and also finding out about the Celt way of life with Neil was fascinating.

A very enjoyable and entertaining day for adults and children alike. The children loved the day and it gave them a far more in-depth learning experience  than could be done by teaching staff. We would recommend Northern Forge to other schools and hope to use them again for our next Roman adventure!”

Liz Mann
Templenewsam Halton Primary School, Leeds, Nov 2015

“Neil has visited Water Street school for four years now. For two years, Neil has enhanced our Viking topic, as Sigwulf, with his amazing knowledge and interest about the topic. Last year we had a compare and contrast workshop, looking at the similarities and differences between the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. This year Neil visited as Mani, for an Anglo-Saxon workshop . As soon as Neil arrives he gets into character and grabs the children's attention and keeps it all the way through to the end! He brings artifacts with him that we could never have access to in the classroom without his visit and the children love looking at them and holding them. The children have learnt so much from his visits and the range of activities that he offers is amazing - including acting out a Viking saga and playing games from Viking times. I would thoroughly recommend a Northern Forge workshop as a valuable, interesting and exciting experience for children (and the staff) in school.”

Kathryn Bownass
Water Street Community Primary School, Skipton, Nov 2015

A huge thank you to Neil for 3 fantastically informed, wonderfully received Roman Skype session. It is safe to say that both colleagues and students alike will be talking about this one for many weeks to come! As a teacher working in an International school, it is difficult to get the children involved in interactive programmes relating to historical figures, so this was perfect! The delivery was concise and informative, as well as being light and funny, leaving the children spell-bound and totally enthralled.  That they were given a chance to ask questions and expand upon their own prior knowledge was an added bonus. 

Many thanks and we look forward to our next Roman meeting!

Kayley Robinson
Head of Humanities
Fujairah Private Academy, United Arab Emirates (UAE), May 2015

“Thank you so much for your visit today. As a Charity working with Children with disability we had no idea how Shield making and reading Runes would go. However, Not only did the Children have a nice time but the staff and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed it as well.
It was informative and fun and each Child responded with enthusiasm. And the shields are beautiful!!!!!
We do hope we can have you back in soon.”

Anne Stamp (Service Manager)
SNAPPY, York, Feb 2015

“Google directed us to the Northern Forge website after searching for Viking outreach and, after reading the information and testimonials, we didn't look anywhere else! 
We thoroughly enjoyed the visit – Sigwulf and his friends did a fantastic job at bringing the history alive and inspiring our pupils. Lots of information was shared throughout the day and the children definitely learnt a lot! 
We would certainly recommend this visit and we hope to invite them back to our school in the future. Thank you!”

Miss. Clarke
Holton-Le-Clay Junior, Grimsby, Jan 2015

“The children really enjoyed being able to ask whatever they wanted to a real life Roman! Seeing the Roman objects in their classroom gave them chance to bring their learning to life.”

Miss. Riley
Normanton Common Primary School, Castleford, Jan 2014

Fantastic, informative day for children of all Primary years.  The Vikings interacted well with the children and became part of our school for the day!  Such a lot was covered throughout the day, the day was just not long enough! – Thank you from the teachers and staff at St. Martin’s!

Miss. Logue
St. Martin's C of E (Aided) Primary, Scarborough, June 2013

I am a year 2 Teacher and was covering a history topic about the Vikings. As transport costs were high it was not possible for as trip out so I invited Neil into school. From the start Neil was in character and the children were interested right from the beginning. I emailed the areas about the Vikings that we were covering before the day of the visit and everything I had put in the email was covered. The artefacts that were brought in were fantastic and the children really enjoyed being able to look at and touch them. The children learnt a lot during the session and Neil’s knowledge of the Vikings was great. I would recommend Northern Forge to others as a great experience for children.”     

Mrs. Jones
Lowtown Primary School, Pudsey, Jan 2013

The whole day was tremendously successful. The children were totally engaged and learned so much. They were able to ask questions, based around their existing knowledge of Vikings, which "Sigwulf" was able to answer and develop further. Many thanks for a super day.

Mrs. Wright
Hensall Primary School, nr. Selby, Oct 2012

“Neil kept our Cub Scouts interested throughout and had them on the edge of their seats with his aptitude for making history exciting and relevant. They are still talking about weapons and sagas weeks later!! Highly recommended!

Valerie Salter (Akela)
2nd Driffield Cub Scouts [& Nafferton Cubs], Snowball Plantation, Sept 2012

“My thanks to Neil - it was a fantastic session. The children were totally captivated & got such a lot out of it. We had been learning how to make notes during recent literacy sessions & this gave them a real & meaningful reason to use & apply those skills as well as enhancing & developing historical skills & their knowledge about Viking life. Having introduced the Viking theme a few weeks ago, the Skype call has re-enthused the children & we are looking forward to learning more together over the next few weeks. Thanks once again for a fabulous opportunity!”

Mrs. Elliot (Acting Deputy Head)
St Andrew's Primary School, Guernsey 2012 

“I just wanted to say thank you again for organising the virtual Viking session with our local learning centre. The children were thrilled with the session & are still talking about it! What a memorable learning experience for both our students & us! Your 'Viking' [Sigwulf] did a grand job, please pass on our gratitude.”

Mrs. Hall
Our Lady Primary, Camden 2012

“Dear Neil, The children enjoyed the Viking visit today. Great mixture of information and insight! Thanks!

Mrs. Thornton
St. Joseph’s Primary School, Bradford 2012