Friends of the Forge

Shetland Amenity Trust and Shetland Museum & Archives; situated in Lerwick they are Shetland’s heritage hub, and also valued customers of Northern Forge. With docks, a boat shed, museum, galleries, and archives, there is something for everyone at this important institute. -;; 

The Tudor Travellers
; Tudor Outreach & Events. If you want to learn about Tudors, these are the folks to go to. -

Hedgepig Theatre; a fresh independent York based theatre company absolutely brimming with talent. -

Meridith Towne; a superb Dressmaker & Costume Historian I've had the pleasure of working with. -

Archaeosoup; Archaeology & education in the North-East at its finest, owned by Marc Barkman-Astles who Northern Forge has had the honour of working alongside in the past.  -

Reality Reloaded
; become a Viking in this forthcoming MMORPG. Northern Forge writes the 'Viking Chronicle' for this site! Formerly known as Dismorphia. -

Mooted Theatre Co.; inspiring Yorkshire theatre company; expect the very best in theatre! -

History's Maid; Historical Interpretation & Research. -

Al Fresco Forge; one of Northern Forge's oldest friends and purveyor of fine metal work. -

Trespasser Films; original film works with an ever growing back catalogue. -