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Laredo Bowie Trainer

Our santoprene Laredo Bowie trainer (waster), is ideal for WMA/HEMA practice! 

The best of the world's sword fighters have known a simple truth for ages... if you want to become a reasonably good sword fighter you should endeavor to learn sword fighting techniques, footwork and the basic stances. However, if you want to be a master at sword fighting you have to eventually start fighting with a "live blade". If your ultimate goal is to wield a razor sharp sword safely and effectively, you need to train with a sword that approximates the size, feel and heft of a live blade, yet minimizes the possibility of causing grievous, permanent, or life-threatening injury to yourself or your training partner.

This concept was implemented by the ancient Romans, who used dull wooden swords to train their Gladiators and soldiers. And Japanese Samurai used a wooden training sword that was called a Bokken. It's an elegant solution to a vexing problem and effective enough to still be used today. The only problem is that a wooden sword can rot, crack, chip or splinter and eventually become useless.

Cold Steel's solution to these dilemmas was to design a synthetic substitute, low in price and impervious to the elements. The Cold Steel line of Training Weapons are made of heaviest grade polypropylene available and closely duplicate a real sword in length, size, weight and feel. While they're not quite as rigid as wood, they have the winning advantages of being virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff and cut resistant.

The Santoprene rubber blades are soft enough to prevent the likelihood of most bodily injury. They do however, have a level of firmness that might cause injury to the face or the eyes, so it is recommended that appropriate eye protection or a fencing mask is utilized at all times when using a Cold Steel® rubber training knife.


Weight - 5.8 oz
Blade Length - 10 1/2"
Blade Thickness - 3/8"
Handle Length - 5 1/2"
Overall - 16"

An ideal partnership for training with the 'Cold Steel' Laredo Bowie Trainer is to pair it up with the Trench Hawk Trainer (sold seperately).

PLEASE NOTE: Northern Forge does not supply sheaths for knifes, the picture is merely a suggestion of how you might wish to store/carry your Laredo Bowie Trainer.

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