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Viking Axe - Short

The Short Viking Axe was useful both on the farm and in battle. It excelled as a close quarters weapon, while still being light enough to throw when necessary.
The Axe has always been an important tool for providing materials for building, constructing ships, and also forging other tools and weapons, not to mention for collecting firewood and kindling from the earliest times. The axe primarily is a tool of survival but it was the Vikings who re-popularised the Axe as a tool of war!
These Axes comes with a sharp edge, and features a forged head with an antiqued finish, and a swelled-end hardwood shaft for secure head retention.
Overall: 25 1/4"
Blade Length: 5 1/4"
Handle Length: 25"
Weight: 2lb 2oz
Thickness at Guard: .33
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece. 
Historically all freeborn peoples in the Viking age and earlier would have had access to an axe due to the utilitarian nature of the axe – good for chopping wood as well as chopping people.
An axe on average would be a cheap item like a spear, as it also requires very little iron in comparison to a sword.
Axes measure around 2'-3' haft length with a head around 3"-6" along the blade.
Various styles of axe exist including:
  •  Bearded axe (Skegg ox) originating in Scandinavia and England,
  • Throwing axe (Fransisca) coming from the Frankish Empire (France),
  •  Dane axe (Dan ox), also known as the English long axe popular in both Denmark and England, and the
  •  Broad axe (Bried ox), though this last one is commonly used for shaping timbers only.
Steel edges were sometimes welded to the edge of the bit to create a tougher, sharper cutting edge.
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Amazing product, just got mine today and well it looks fantastic, an excellent finish and feel. Would recommend to anyone thanks guys
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